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Business Essential Services

Exchange Emails & Office 365

Integrating Office 365 or Office Exchange is a simple step up for any business to have a business labelled email and other linked features via an easy to use system, whether using your smart phone or Outlook. Also includes shared mailboxes, group calendars and shared contact groups.

Business Websites, eCommerce & SaaS / PaaS

Establish your online presence or shop using our Web Developer partners to reach those potential clients. Also we help find only Software-as-a-Service to help with business management, such as ERP’s, CRM’s, Billing Systems, Client Portals and many more.

Remote Desktop & Cloud Storage

Whether it be moving your office desktops into a remote managed environment or wanting to merging staff storage to keep document storage simple, there are multiple solutions that suit small to corporate business structures.

Virtual PBX Phone Systems

Whether is 1 endpoint, or an entire corporation, its time to virtualise your telephone system for dynamic call routing and helpful features to make communication with clients easier, inside and outside the office. Fax virtualisation is also available.

Network Infrastructure

Office Network Planning

Outlining a top-to-bottom planned deployment will deliver a network that balances performance, scalability and simplicity.

Small Office Networks

Reliable internet in the office is such an important factor to daily business, having the right equipment can make a difference, even for a home office.

Datacentre Services

Hardware Racking

Have us install your hardware into a its destined rack in multiple datacentres across multiple states in Australia and New Zealand*
*enquire to check if we have access to that datacentre

Rack Planning & Tidying

Having a clean cage containing a plethora of cables in your rack can take time to plan and tidy up existing installations. With a couple photos and information, we can place a quote together.

Maintenance Agreement

Issue in the DC and can’t get there within reasonable time to resolve the issue? Organise a service agreement with us for business hour, or 24/7 DC response service.

Internet & Fiber Links

Business Internet

Getting a quality connection is hard enough, choosing from our provider range will give you options that go almost anywhere, even wireless.

Fiber & Peering

Fast Fiber Internet and Peering connections can make all the difference if you provide a service in the online world. Internal and externally.

Equipment Fitouts & Leasing

IT Fitouts and Planning

Knowing what your business needs can be time consuming. Instead let us plan your roll out with a wide range of equipment.

Equipment Leasing

Save on capital and utilise equipment leasing to get your projects moving. Advance the workload by leasing the equipment needed.

Hosting, Email Services & Servers

Hosting Services

Finding a reliable hosting company can be a long task. Break free and ask us about the range of hosting groups we have rated for different scenarios.

Email Services and Exchange

Emails are the critical method of contact, so ensure you have a reliable service. We have a range of small business options, with expansion up to large corporation Active Directory forests. Also talk to us about data security and backup services.

Business Marketing & Promotion

Marketing Services

There’s always potential to reach more clients effectively. Why not talk to some of our business partners on how they can help your business expand it’s reach.

Promotional Services and Materials

Events and public marketing a great ways to expand the brands recognition with the general public, but having stale promotions or material can be negative. Enquire with us on how to revamp your promotional materials and public marketing via our vast range of.