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Managing Current IT

Let us manage your IT, either on contract or hourly rates to let you focus on your business' tasks

Auditing Business IT

Ensure your technology and services meet the demand this year. Let us review and propose upgrades or changes.

Rolling out Services

Want to upgrade business IT, but don't have the time to organise it? Let us plan the project for you!

Hardware Upgrades

We have the ability to supply you hardware for great pricing and even do the installation.

Campus or Office Networking

Small or large, we have resources to handle projects of almost any size!

Business Links & Internet

Need a fast link between your offices or faster internet in general? We can do this!

Consolidating Services

Growing businesses find it can find themselves tangled under providers. Let us consolidate your services

Small Business Essentials

The ABC's essential to running a business, and services that aren't out of reach to small business'

Datacentre Services

Have equipment in a DC that's remote to your business, or need your rack tidied up?

Our aim

To provide all businesses with the technology to give them every advantage on the IT frontier of business.
Sometimes it’s the small things that are overlooked. Using the combined skills and experience from past achievements, we always expect top performance.

Why choose us

We aim to be dynamic with our customers to ensure we offer efficient service, fresh designs, reliable hosting, business IT optimisation and professional graphics capability.
The range of services we offer allows us to cover all technology corners of businesses from small to large. Each project we take on develops your business for all the future challenges.

Our experience

Hosting Services - 8 years
SaaS Implementation - 5 years
Photography - 3 years
Network Infrastructure - 2 years
Datacentre Racking & Services - 2 years

Who do we work with?

Deskstorm has built a strong network of businesses we trust through quality and practice, where we choose the best group to handle your projects with us.
Did you know you can join our partnership network? Learn more about the benefits of joining our network, get access to industry professionals and promote your services.

Online Presence

Our range of website developers and marketing experts handle from start-up’s, up to corporate brand overhauls.

Get Connected

Internet, phones and networks are the new backbone to the modern business. Investing into industry specific standards keeps your business flowing!

Risk Exposure

Minimise potential risks with an audit and let us find the best resolutions to prepare for the coming changes of the future.