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George Blackheart

creative director

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Anna Firebird

account manager

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Richard Johnson

web designer

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Tiffany Whitewind


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Alexander Smith


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Why should you join the network!

Deskstorm strives to use the best quality-to-scenario providers and products, locally available to every client we service. If you have a service or product your business considers a valuable contribution to our network partners and clients, fill the form in describing the services/products and then we shall be in touch to evaluate on the best way to promote you.

Wanting to utilise products and services of our network partners? Join us to gain access to certain benefits, join the family as our goal isnt just profit, its delivering sustainability and reliability at scale of the project or requirements!

We are not like others

  • All partners are evaluated
  • Community chat coming soon
  • Your services are shared first
  • Promote your business
  • Receive cross clients from the network
  • Utilise other services from partners