About Us

Why choose Us.

We aim to be dynamic with our customers to ensure we offer efficient service, fresh designs, reliable hosting, business IT optimisation and professional graphics capability.

The range of services we offer allows us to cover all technology corners of businesses from small to large. Each project we take on develops your business for all the future challenges.

Our Mission.

To provide all businesses with the technology to give them every advantage on the IT frontier of business.

Sometimes it's the small things that are overlooked. Using the combined skills and experience from past achievements, we always expect top performance.

What We Do.

Our services and products list is quite a large one.

Categorically, for your business, DeskStorm provides Cloud & Server Systems, Online Platforms & Websites, Business Fiber Networks, Wired Network Infrastructure, Wireless Networking & Hotspots, 3d Printing & Prototyping, Graphics & Printing, Hardware and Computer Management, and Data Storage & Backups

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